Solar Energy. Get it for $0 down, and SAVE MONEY

Disrupt & Decentralize

Disrupt & Decentralize


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Going to solar energy can dramatically reduce your electric bill and increase the value of your home substantially. It can also protect you against the rising cost of electricity you pay to the utility company.

You can earn an incredible income by sharing the good news about the $0 down energy shift to solar. It’s common knowledge that solar is the energy source of the future. Become a Powur Advocate to be a part of the Solar Revolution and earn!

The time couldn’t be better to switch to solar now with no upfront costs. It also helps the planet because burning fossil fuels to provide energy is dirty and harms the environment. Solar is clean, renewable, and less expensive!



“My energy bill before installing solar was $267.97. My new energy bill is $164.51. I love that I’m saving money and helping the planet.”


Executive Advisor

“I joined Powur because I wanted to have a much better conversation with my young son about business-with-purpose and creating abundance while leaving the planet better than we found it. The transformation in my financial life has been literally life-changing in a short time. The leadership of Powur is extraordinary and the quality of people who are compelled to join is fantastic – it has never felt like work to build together with Powur.”