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Ryan Henderson

Professional Craftsman,
“Shed Master”, Educator

Hey, Ryan here —

Woodworking publishers HATE what I’m about to reveal.

You see…

…I’m about to reveal some EMBARRASSING secrets woodworking publishers don’t want YOU to know.

I’ve been exactly where you are.

I bought a shed plan… started to follow it… got the 2×4’s, the tools, and even started cutting to size.

And then, there I was… STUCK. Screaming in my head…

” How Do You Get From This Point In The Plan To This Part?! “

If you’ve worked on any kind of project, you get exactly what I’m talking about.They are either too complicated or too dumbed down. With incomplete or just plain wrong instructions, they’ll have you tearing your hair out by the end of it.

Well, here’s why:

” Woodworking Plans Sold by Big Publishers

They’re written by ghostwriters who’ve never touched a piece of lumber or a chisel in their LIFE!

They could NEVER tell if a step didn’t make sense or not.

ONLY someone with EXPERIENCE, building LOTS of projects — AND teaching it to others — would have an clue of exactly what a plan needed to include, so…

” …You’ll NEVER need to Worry About Cutting the Wrong Size, Spin In Circles or Waste Time Trying To Figure Out What Goes Where… “

And let’s not even get into trying to “Wing it”.

You and I are well aware how that’ll end up.

Here’s the deal: If you’re going to invest the time, money and energy in building a shed yourself…

…Then make sure the plan you’re using has EVERYTHING you need to get it done in:

  • The easiest…
  • Most inexpensive , and…
  • The fastest way possible.

Easier said than done!

Well, hang tight. I’ve gotcha covered.

To create the kind of shed, your neighbors and other woodworkers will secretly ENVY (while mumbling “nice job” under their breath)…


So Complete, So Easy To Use…

 Practically Builds Itself…


Ryan’s Perfect Shed Plans Collection

  • 12,000 shed plans covering all types and styles from large to small

    Each plan contains all the components of the “perfect shed plan” that I showed you above.

  • A complete and exact list of materials

    This includes cutting lists & tools, with clear labels showing what they each item is used for. (So you can buy JUST what you need, budget better and multiply your floor space).

  • LEGO style assembly instructions.

    So the shed ends up just “Clicking”together at the end. Every part will fit PERFECTLY

  • 3D CAD designed images

    You see from ALL angles, what each part is SUPPOSED to look like before you start building